Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What kinds of cut flowers last the LONGEST?

I know carnations and alstroemeria last long, but are there any others? Estimations on days of life?

What flowers don't last long at all?

This is for ordering flowers for a relative (birthday) thru teleflorist.


What kinds of cut flowers last the LONGEST?
carnations mandolins lilys orchids
Reply:i would say Gerbera flowers they are very cute and last long you will love them,,, just like me lol
Reply:This is always hard. I have found sending a plant or dish garden with a few carnations placed, just to add color always makes a well received gift.

Once the cut flowers die away the plant still lives giving much pleasure to the recipient.

Personally I just love getting roses, even though they die away, they are always beautiful, and smell delightful.

Mixed Spring Floral Arrangements are good also. Things will die away gradually, while others survive for a little longer.

It is so close to Christmas, how about a poinsettia.
Reply:It bothers me that flowers don't smell any more. Maybe for the sake of people with allergies. IF allergies are not a problem you could order flowers requesting that the bouquet has fragrance. I just ordered some for my daughter on her BD. She said the fragrance filled her home. I usually try to call a local florist where ever the person lives so I can get personal service. They still give you the same prices as if you called teleflorist or FTD. Plus a $3 or $5 tip will insure you a beautiful bouquet. Nice to speak directly to the people who are going to put the bouquet together.
Reply:teleflorists may not give great flowers in the sense of durability. Why not send a potted plant they are more hard and last longer
Reply:tulips are pretty hardy for your yard. A boquet of roses is the most meaningful and prettiest to give someone , but will die in les than a week. Carnations are pretty and last a bit longer.

Alstroemeria question???

Are these a bulb flower??

Alstroemeria question???
no, it is grown from a rhizome (like an underground branch)

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I have been told that there is a white Alstroemeria with gold markings,please advise variety and source.thank?

Also called Peruvian Lily. Use this name when checking nurseries, garden centers, gardening catalogs.





I have been told that there is a white Alstroemeria with gold markings,please advise variety and source.thank?
Yes, peruvian lily is the common name. If you want to grow them go to a local nursery or through and on-line distributor. But they are NOT cold hardy in Northern climates. You'd have to take them inside for the winter.

And... if you want to purchase them to make arrangements or table decor for a wedding or such event, you can purchase them on-line at Sam's for a ridiculously low price and they'll ship them right to your door.

Dark Purple Alstroemeria?

Hello! Does anyone know what a deep purple alstroemeria looks like? I can only seem to find pictures of the pink ones online. For prom, my dress is dark purple. My date is wearing a black tux with a silver vest and I ordered him a dark purple alstroemeria bouttenierre. I hope it looks okay! Does anyone know what this flower looks like in this color? Any pictures???

Dark Purple Alstroemeria?
Here is a link to show the flower from the front and to see the insides of the flower. The dark purple one you ordered, will not be solid purple. It most likely will have the yellow and white center like the ones in the picture and the "striping" may or may not be there. In the floral alstroemeria's, they try to bred those stripes out. http://www.alstroemeria.com/en/new/new_a... (Just keep scrolling down to see the different ones.)

The color will be a fairly dark purple, but not deep like the color of an eggplant. It will probably be similar to a purple crayon. At any rate, you picked a very nice flower for your date!

Hope this helps. :)

Her ya go.

How do I over winter alstroemeria tubers? Do I store them in peat like dahlia or plant them now?

I leave mine in the soil and they keep spreading and multiplying every year - in fact you'll find if you do try to take them out they will probably split bits off which will grow into new plants!

If you have well drained soil you can also leave dahlias in over winter - it's the damp they dislike, not the cold, again I leave mine in all winter and they keep growing and getting better every year.

How do I over winter alstroemeria tubers? Do I store them in peat like dahlia or plant them now?
Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lilies) are usually hardy to -10 degrees in the UK and don't need any special treatment.

Reply:Cut back to about 20cm of ground level in October and insulate the crown with a layer of dry leaves or chipped bark.

Does anyone know why Alstroemeria Lilys are nicknamed "sweet laura"?

Alstroemeria (syn. Alstremeria), commonly called the Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas, is a South American genus of about 50 species of flowering plants. Such other varieties (or nicknames) include:

Alstroemeria 'Margaret'

Alstroemeria 'Parigo Charm'

Alstroemeria 'Rosy Wings'

Alstroemeria 'Salmon

Alstroemeria 'Sonata'

Alstroemeria 'Tall Pink'

Alstroemeria 'Walter Fleming'

Someone, somewhere along the way, gave each of these varieties their distinct name. It would be hard to say why for sure.

Does anyone know why Alstroemeria Lilys are nicknamed "sweet laura"?
'Sweet Laura' is the name of a specific cultivar not a common name to the species as a whole. However 'Sweet Laura' is one most often used by the florist trade so it is often mentioned, in a familiar way, by this abbreviation of the full name just as we say Kleenex for facial tissues.
Reply:it's the name of the mans' girlfriend that discovered it!

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Where (USA) can I buy Alstroemeria seeds to plant in my garden?

I don't want to buy internationally, and I do not want them in a bouquet, and I can't seem to find a supplier anywhere... Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Where (USA) can I buy Alstroemeria seeds to plant in my garden?

you can buy plants all over the place. wouldn't you prefer a plant over seeds?

google shows this:

Reply:Have you look in Home Depot, Walmart, Lowes ?
Reply:http://www.swallowtailgardenseeds.com/pe... They are in CA looks like $3.49 PK They carry just orange as well as hybrid

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